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Students and Parents Share Their Experience with CapEd

Woo-hoo! Kelvin got a 91 on his math test!! Where were you when I took Algebra II? Thanks a million!
CapEd Parent 
Charlie scored a 94 on his Algebra II EOC! His teacher was so excited, he called us at home to tell us. Charlie wanted to make sure I let you know as soon as possible. You have worked so hard with him, and he appreciates the way you break things down for him and explain a concept in a way that he can understand it. Thanks so much!
CapEd Parent 
We consider Robert much more than a tutor. He has been a mentor to Andrea, which we very much appreciate.
CapEd Parent 
Thank you! I know I couldn't have done it without the tutoring, so thank you again. I'm right where I want to be and so excited that I don't have to worry anymore.
CapEd Student 
I want to thank you for the SAT Seminar you offered. Joe felt much more prepared this time, especially the math. As he worked on last January's SAT, he marveled at what he had missed, and found himself blasting through questions that before had given him either pause or anxiety.
CapEd Parent 

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    Goals matter - whether we reach them or not. They provide purpose and help set plans in motion for change. They can propel us forward when we would otherwise remain stagnant. Even small improvements count. When it comes to preparing for the SAT and ACT, goals are...

The New Year Means New Plans, Ideas, and (hopefully) Habits.  

The new year means new plans, ideas, and (hopefully) habits.  It is no different for academics as for diet and exercise.  Practice and attention to detail are the keys to attaining the goal. The College Board added a national August test date this school year which...

Why You Should Care About the NC Career- and College- Ready Graduates Program

We recently informed you of the NC CCRG (Career- and College-Ready Graduates) Program  (House Bill 97, 2015 Session). Implementation of the legislation is underway and as currently written will be fully implemented by Fall of 2018.   Juniors, you could be affected by...

Why You Should Never Stop Being So Critical

You should always be extremely critical. That is, when considering what are the most important skills to develop to gain a mastery of the SAT, ACT, GRE, or any class assignment or standardized exam.

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