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Building skills and confidence

CapEd offers tutoring programs that can fit with just about any student.

Middle schoolers making sure you’re ready for high school courses are just as important as top-ranked high school students working at a college level. At CapEd, we analyze your challenges and needs through tutoring that is:

  • Designed for students with one class – often math or science – pulling their GPA down
  • Focused on most core classes, including general math, pre-algebra, algebra I, II, III, geometry, calculus, English, history, foreign languages or sciences
  • Specific college-level course tutoring and paper writing instruction for students struggling or just needing a boost with these difficult requirements
  • Helping students with understanding “how” to learn the course material, time and homework management, and utilizing resources at their disposal
Going to capED was never a chore.  I always loved being at capED, and with Robert's help I pulled down solid class grades, and improved my SAT 180 points to a 1460.  Thank you Robert!
Choosing Robert Capizzi and capED is the best choice we ever made for our son.  Not only did he improve his ACT score by 8 points, but also the whole test prep process with capED has made him a much more developed and mature student.  He is now very interested and engaged in his own success.  Thank you Robert!
CapEd Parent 
Charlie scored a 94 on his Algebra II EOC! His teacher was so excited, he called us at home to tell us. Charlie wanted to make sure I let you know as soon as possible. You have worked so hard with him, and he appreciates the way you break things down for him and explain a concept in a way that he can understand it. Thanks so much!
CapEd Parent 
We wish we had found capED sooner.  Our daughter is more confident in her ability to manage and excel in her schoolwork than ever before.  Thank you Robert Capizzi!
CapEd Parent 
One day I was going to Forsyth Tech taking basic remediation courses.  Then I started working with capED.  Fast forward 2 years and thanks to Robert's help, I am entering the PA program at Wake Forest.  Thank you capED!
CapEd Student 
We are so grateful to Robert Capizzi and the instructors at capED, especially for their commitment.  Robert not only helped our son get a strong SAT score, but also distance tutored him while away at school.  capED and Robert are a godsend.
CapEd Parent 

Addressing the comprehensive needs of the student

We frequently design tutoring and learning programs for students who struggle with multiple subject areas or classes. Talk with us about getting help for your student with subject tutoring, test-taking skills and time management.

Our approach is focused on the individual and their support system. We will have candid conversations and present a plan to overcome key stressors and build a foundation of academic stability. Based on our decades of experience with hundreds of students in North Carolina and their families, we understand the obstacles and have tools and techniques for overcoming these daily challenges.