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Summer Programs

Programs to fit your schedule

CapEd offers a wide range of summer services.

Whether you are in need of grade/credit recovery, preparing for a standardized exam, or looking to gain a jump start on a specific subject, we can help. If you have schedule conflicts or don’t see an offering you want or need, CapEd can work around your schedule.

Call CapEd @ 336-721-4275, and we will do our best to accommodate you!


How many times have you or someone you’ve known felt lost in a course from the very beginning of the year?  A large number of courses build on previous material, but the summer is a long time to lose a lot of the fundamentals key to these courses.  CapED JumpStarts are one-week programs running throughout the month of August, tailored to focus on the exact fundamentals you will need, as well as giving a brief introduction to the new things coming your way.  Don’t start a course behind – JumpStart ahead with CapED!

AP Stats – Statistics is unlike any mathematics course you have had before because the use of logic is a much more critical part than pure computational skills.  The Statistics JumpStart is the way to prepare for the AP course: during this camp you will be immersed in both the techniques and reasoning abilities needed to power through AP Stats before sitting for the exam.

AP Chem – Ready to deal with unit exchanges and sig figs?  Is your arithmetic up to speed to factor/label amounts? Can you list the details imbedded in the Periodic Table? The Chemistry JumpStart is a camp designed to equip your “scientist skills” to hit the year off strong with a quick refresher of honors chemistry and big insight into AP Chemistry!  Choose a CapED JumpStart!

AP Calculus – You’ve had so many math topics and techniques thrown at you the past four years and now they are about to coalesce into one course.  So what skills do you need to use, which techniques are most vital to success? CapED’s AP Calculus JumpStart is the way to have it all down before you walk in the door.

AP Physics – Is your trigonometry up to speed?  Can you work with vectors? How’s your algebra and simplification skills? And when you put it all together, what in our world does it all mean?  All of these topics and more are vital for success in AP Physics. The CapED JumpStart will prepare you for your coming year so you may walk in the door ready your first day!

NC Math 1 & 2 – It’s time to take the next step into proper mathematics.  But are your fundamentals ready, or has another summer got you behind the eight-ball?  JumpStart your way into Math 1 or Math 2 with CapED to combat summer learning loss and ensure you don’t start the year behind.

Math 3, AFM & Precal – The summer is a long time to let go of the algebra fundamentals that dominate Math 3 and beyond.  Get back up to speed and ready for another year of mathematics with a CapED JumpStart. One week of focused work on the essential algebra skills can save you loads of headaches down the line. 

AP General – AP courses require a level of critical reading and critical thinking you may not have yet experienced, especially with scientific texts.  The CapED AP General course will help you understand how to get through dense material while following the lessons from your teachers. Pick up the major techniques before diving in, whether for Psychology, Environmental Science, Sociology, and others!

AP Biology – The AP Bio course hits the ground running and leaps from your honors biology into deeper understanding of biological process from animals to humans.  The key to performing well and acing the AP Bio exam is two-fold: understand the basic biological laws that all living creatures must live by, and apply these laws to organisms that were not covered in class.  The critical reading and critical thinking skills needed to apply this knowledge is paramount to a successful completion of these college-level courses.


CapEd holds multiple seminars and BootCamps for SAT, ACT, and other tests throughout the summer.  Please check out those tests’ respective tabs for an up-to-date list of availability or to inquire about other opportunities.