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Goals matter – whether we reach them or not. They provide purpose and help set plans in motion for change. They can propel us forward when we would otherwise remain stagnant. Even small improvements count.

When it comes to preparing for the SAT and ACT, goals are instrumental in giving students a clear target for their efforts. By establishing objectives based upon students’ demonstrated needs, test prep professionals can focus student efforts where they can be most productive.

However, without proper guidance, a student could put in more hours of preparation than other test-takers, but still come up short on the score report. So make sure when selecting a test prep program that it is tailored in some degree to your child’s individual needs.

At CapEd, we strive to identify and build upon your child’s strengths. Weaknesses should not be glossed over, rather we seek first to build a student’s confidence by demystifying the test. We always encourage full exposure to all types of questions because these are “critical reading” events. Certainly, a student may do better on some types of questions, but with a focus on the reading, they will gain the confidence they can handle this test.

With this understanding of the test comes empowerment. They develop purpose and a “bring it on” attitude. To complete this process, Cap-Ed provides a disciplined learning environment involving repetition, practice, and encouragement. We have found over time that our students’ commitment coupled with Cap-Ed’s learning process is a proven formula for success.

If your son or daughter has concerns about the SAT or ACT or simply wishes to improve a score, please call us at 336-721-4275 or visit our website at www.cap-ed.com.