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We recently informed you of the NC CCRG (Career- and College-Ready Graduates) Program  (House Bill 97, 2015 Session). Implementation of the legislation is underway and as currently written will be fully implemented by Fall of 2018.


Juniors, you could be affected by this legislation.  By the Fall of 2018, under this legislation,

you must have:

(a) obtained a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher; or

(b) exceeded minimum benchmark scores on the February 27, 2017, NC Mandatory ACT exam of, Math 22, Reading 22, and English 18 in order to be deemed a Career- and College-Ready Graduate. Students who do not meet either of these criteria (a) or (b) must take remedial coursework their senior year. Remedial courses will not affect graduation, but must be satisfactorily completed prior to taking credit-bearing college coursework.  


Why this push for “readiness benchmarks?”


The term “readiness benchmarks, without remediation,” has statistical meaning for all stakeholders in the education of students.  

  • For high school GPA, a 2.8 cumulative average is the benchmark for coursework.
  • For ACT scores, an 18 in English, 22 in Math, and 22 in Reading tell the story.


These benchmarks have been established based on millions of student scores and translate to a 70% chance of making a C, or a 50% chance of making a B or better in freshman-level courses.


These statistics and logic have been adopted by our NC legislature and codified into law under House Bill 97.


How can students meet CCRG Benchmarks?


  • Bringing Cumm GPA up to 2.8 or above will not be easy. For example, if you have a 2.2 Cumm GPA through your Sophomore year, you would need to carry a 4.0 GPA through your Junior year to meet the 2.8 cumulative GPA requirement. Probably not good odds to bet on this type of “hockey stick” reversal of academic achievement.


  • A second and better option is to meet ACT Readiness Benchmarks.  The February 27, 2018, is an opportunity for all juniors in NC to make these scores. Committing to standardized exam practice over Christmas Break through Feb 27 CAN improve their PreACT forecasts.  Yes, the ACT will help you get into college, but now, the ACT will help you stay out of remedial classes your senior year!


You’ve learned the skills at school.  Now learn how to apply them through critical reading and critical thinking while taking the ACT.  CapEd Seminars and BootCamps focus and sharpen these skills.  For 2017-2018 Juniors, time is of the essence!!  Target February 27th to hit benchmarks and enjoy your Senior year!!