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Is your son or daughter having trouble with STEM related courses? Had trouble with Math (Math I, II,III or Pre-calc), Physics, Biology or Chemistry? Trust us they are not alone. Seems our country as a whole does not do well preparing high school students for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students in these disciplines require a concentration in this type of highly analytical course work and very capable instruction. Too little exposure or less than optimal instruction can make for tough sledding for STEM students.

CapEd specializes in “academic tirage and first aid” to assist a student to recover from a failed or withdrawn course. We can arrange independent study programs over the summer with subject specific tutoring. Rather than retake a failed course next year to suppress a grade and lose a curriculum slot, let CapEd assist you to remediate this problem over the summer. You can have peace of mind entering the next academic year that this potential “blemish” has been removed from your child’s high school transcript. If your son or daughter requires grade/credit recovery due to their falling victim to a particular course, please call us at (336-721-4275) or visit our website Cap-Ed.com. We will help them to heal the damage.