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Upcoming MCAT Dates

The MCAT is a computer administered test (CAT) for admission to medical school.  Pointed, precise preparation is required to cover both the specific scientific material needed for the exam, and the critical reading and test solving skills necessary to untangle each problem.  There are too many MCAT test dates to list here, so please visit here for a list of dates.

What We Do: MCAT Introductory BootCamp

Jump right in to your MCAT preparation with a capED Introductory BootCamp!  This one-day course goes over every section of the MCAT, giving you a first look at what information you need to get down, while helping to develop the reading strategies necessary to perform your best.  We currently have Introductory BootCamps running on the following days.  If you’re interested but don’t see a date that works for you, you can still sign up below, and we will work with you to find a date that works well!

  • Saturday, September 18th