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Prepare for your LSAT Exam

The LSAT is a tablet administered test required for application to most law schools.  It has some of the most unique sections in standardized testing, and thus heavy preparation is a must to succeed on this test.  To sign up, start here.


Upcoming LSAT Test Weeks

  • Week of October 9th – Deadline Aug 25
  • Week of November 13th – Deadline Sept 29
  • Week of January 15th – Deadline Dec 3
  • Week of February 12th – Deadline Dec 29
  • Week of March 12th – Deadline Jan 26
  • Week of April 30th – Deadline Mar 16
  • Week of June 11th – Deadline Apr 27

What We Do

capED Test Preparation is proud to offer three different LSAT preparation programs, so there is a program to aid you no matter where you are in your preparation.

Introductory BootCamp

The Introductory BootCamp is your one-stop shop to understanding the LSAT.  Go through each one of the three LSAT sections in a single day, understanding what types of questions you will be asked, and picking up your most important solution strategies for each section.  This is a perfect starting point for people who haven’t fully begun their LSAT preparation.


Upcoming Introductory BootCamp Dates
  • Saturday, August 7th
  • Saturday, September 18th
Logic BootCamp

The LSAT Logic section has an earned reputation as one of the most difficult sections in all of standardized testing.  capED’s Logic BootCamp is the best way to get a grip around this section.  Develop organizational strategies, critical reading techniques, and understand the small time-shaving techniques necessary in this one-day session.


Upcoming Logic BootCamp Dates
  • Sunday, August 8th
  • Sunday, September 19th
LSAT Cram Session

The number one way to prepare for any standardized exam is to develop the necessary techniques, then practice those techniques as much as you can.  The capED LSAT Cram Session is the ultimate practice barrage to prepare for an exam.  This two-day session grinds out as many problems as possible, recreating test-day conditions, while ensuring that each problem is being solved in the smartest, fastest way possible.


Upcoming Cram Session Dates
  • Saturday & Sunday, October 2nd & 3rd