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The goals of every academic class should be to expand your learning and demonstrate your mastery of the subject through a high grade.

With Advanced Placement (AP) classes, there’s an additional opportunity and benefit.

The AP exam sitting in May of every year is graded on a 1-5 scale. Students who excel can earn college credit while still in high school. Score a 5 on an AP exam and you’re likely to earn a full semester course credit (3 hours) at most colleges across the country. Scores of 3 or 4 may also earn credit at some U.S. schools. Achieve excellence on multiple exams, and the positive financial savings on college tuition costs can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

CapEd approaches AP classes with two goals: optimize the student’s class grade and prepare for the AP exam with a 5 in mind. Because an AP is a college-level course, there is a significant amount of material that must be learned. We will work with the student from day one to ensure they are keeping up with the class and establishing a foundational understanding and perspective at each milestone.

Cramming for an AP exam is just not possible. With CapEd, you will have a helping hand along the entire journey.

Changing History three times

Starting in the fall 2017, the three AP history courses are changing.

  1. AP history disciplinary practices and reasoning skills (previously known as historical thinking skills) are streamlined
    • Periodization and synthesis are no longer listed as course skills.
    • The practices and skills are now defined in clearer, simpler language and reflect a range of student proficiency levels.
  2. Exam design is changed to give teachers and students more clarity about what to expect and more flexibility to support local curricular focus.
  3. Section II (document-based question and long essay question) and the generic rubrics are updated.
  • The synthesis point has been removed from both rubrics.
  • Students will have 10 more minutes to answer the DBQ and long essay question.
  • A single rubric will now be used for the long essay question.
  • The rubrics describe more clearly what students will need to do to earn each point.
  • Annotated sample essays scored with these rubrics are now available.


Save Big $$$ | Get 5s on your exams

One semester undergraduate tuition & fees
(Select N.C. colleges)

  • Appalachian State In-state $3,568
  • Elon University $16,086
  • Guilford College $17,045
  • UNC CH In-state $4,283
  • Wake Forest $25,700
  • Wingate University $14,585


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  1. AP European History and AP World History learning objectives are reduced, making them more useful for teachers in structuring courses.
  2. AP European History and AP World History concept outlines have minor changes to more appropriately order the key concepts and align with current scholarship.
  3. There’s a new theme for AP European History: National and European Identity, though no new course content has been added.