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The new year means new plans, ideas, and (hopefully) habits.  It is no different for academics as for diet and exercise.  Practice and attention to detail are the keys to attaining the goal.

The College Board added a national August test date this school year which removed the January sitting.  For some students, this is sad news for seniors wanting to get one last score to send in with applications; for other students, this is great news as standardized exams do not ramp up until February for the ACT and March for the SAT.  Whatever camp you happen to find yourself, no January exam takes some of the pressure off at the end of the semester and gives more time to prepare.

So, if the February 10th national ACT exam date, or the February 27th NC Mandatory ACT exam date for Juniors is in your future, time to think about getting some practice started…

Please check out our calendar for Seminar and BootCamp cycles targeting these exam dates.  January 3, 2018, starts the next ACT preparatory cycle rolling up to the Feb 10 exam.  This cycle includes 2 bonus meetings for Juniors taking both February sittings.  Please call our office for more details, 336-721-4275.

Parting Thought

ACT and SAT exams are designed to force test takers to apply these critical reading and reasoning skills in order to score well. They are not aptitude tests. CapEd specializes in developing and applying these skills for use in college and career.  Students who master the 3-pronged approach to test taking WILL use these skills for the rest of their lives: (1) understand the passage; (2) understand the question stem; (3) and understand the answer choices. Basically, skills we use on a daily basis.

Students who elect to participate in a CapEd Seminar, BootCamp, or 1-on-1 instruction will practice these skills at every turn, making them “second nature.” So, when you sit for your exam, you will have the highest probability of doing your best. Join us soon, so you can “grip it and rip it!”