College Admissions

For one of life’s biggest decisions, don’t be afraid to raise your hand

If you’re college bound, what’s your primary objective?

Getting in, of course. CapEd has worked with admissions directors at leading colleges and universities across the country to understand what elements of a student’s portfolio and profile are most important in the acceptance process. While admissions requirements may vary school-to-school, a few key facets can help drive and settle the process.

Whether looking for help with a single aspect of your application or holistic college admissions support, we can help. We think about everything from high school course selection to admissions essay topics that allow for your voice to come through.

Other ways CapEd can help with the college admissions process:

  • Track graduation and target school requirements
  • Ensure that high school course schedules are challenging enough to meet the requirements of target schools while also enabling the student to optimize their grades
  • Suggest which admission test(s) to take and tutor for optimal scoring
  • Discuss colleges, majors and careers, make school recommendations based on academic goals and achievement, while also assisting with gathering information from target schools
  • Help students and their families manage the transcript process, including help with letters of recommendation or admissions essay guidance and editing

CapEd is more than just another set of hands in the college admissions process.

We diligently support the student-family-teacher-school relationship. Together, we establish realistic and achievable goals. We empower young men and women to shoot for the moon, while preparing them for the frenetic, chaotic, emotional journey that starts from Day 1 as a freshman and ends with walking across the stage in a cap & gown. College is within every student’s grasp. CapEd can help you find the one that’s right for you.

Rate of Acceptance:

Davidson College: 20%

Duke University: 9%

James Madison: 61%

NC State: 44%

University of Richmond: 31%

UNC Chapel Hill: 26%

Wake Forest University: 29%