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“Experts nationwide have used BootCamps to help students increase chances for their best scores.”

Atten-tion! This is your reveille call. Not to head out for a zero-dark-thirty PT run. Nor to drop and give anyone 20 pushups. No, this is about test prep BootCamp. Whether you are a few days away from the SAT or the ACT, there’s always time to get better acquainted with test and question structure. Take advantage of that time.

For years, experts nationwide – including CapEd – have used BootCamps to help students increase chances for their best scores on college entrance exams. You may be asking, “what is a BootCamp?” It’s not as hard as it sounds.


  • Typically, held one week prior to the scheduled exam
  • Full day of test prep – 9a – 5p
  • Run through every section of the exam
  • Students complete timed sections
  • Instructor steps through questions and answers to provide detailed explanation and problem-solving techniques
  • Students are encouraged to engage during Q&A portions of the day
  • Everyone has fun and is much more comfortable and prepared for the upcoming exam

If you read our blog about the Prose and Khan of Studying, you’ll know that research has shown that the ideal learning technique involves shorter sessions of subject learning with a gap between each session. This is why for SAT and ACT test prep, we highly recommend joining our Seminars, which are six 2-hour sessions spread weekly leading up to the exam.

However, we also are realists. Schedules are more crammed than ever. By holding our BootCamps a week prior to the exam, we are attempting to follow the distributed learning model, enabling students to have takeaways to study for the week leading up to the exam.

Whether you enroll in a Seminar or sign up for a BootCamp, just please make sure that if you’re taking the ACT or SAT, that you get in as much practice and instruction as possible.