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Welcome to CapEd Educational Group

Welcome to CapEd Educational Group

CapEd Educational Group has a reputation for creating master students.

CapEd is guided by one clear mission: to assist you, our students, in a comprehensive, expert and personalized manner to your highest academic potential. We are not here to tell you what you cannot do, we are here to help you find what you CAN do!

Individualized Approach
Since 1995, CapEd has been preparing students to maximize their scores on standardized exams and academic endeavors. We bring a proven, personalized approach that is as unique as each student. It is all about the student, and we understand that each student learns differently. Let us find your learning style, capitalize on your strengths, and isolate your academic needs. By customizing our approach to create a program that meets your goals, you can set the bar as high as you like, and CapEd will help you exceed them!

Classroom Experience
As a CapEd student, you will become an active participant in your classroom program. Whether it is a subject in school or a standardized exam, we employ a variety of formats to keep you engaged throughout the class, including, but not limited to, class discussions, lectures, partner and individual work, and small group activities. We keep our class sizes small, so you will always have personalized attention and access to your instructor. Confidence is gained by understanding, understanding allows for practice, practice solidifies proficiency, and proficiency creates the expert. Become the EXPERT and you will surpass your expectations.

At CapEd Educational Group, we do more than improve grades...we improve lives.
"We just want to say again how much our family appreciates the help and support you've given our son this year. As parents, we know that your involvement has made a big difference in our son's knowledge and his self-confidence. We look forward to CapEd being a part of the next 3 years of his academic career. Thanks again!"

"I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the SAT Seminar that I took for the June exam. Regardless of my final score, I'd like to say that it truly was a beneficial experience. I felt much more confident on the writing sections and especially on the essay. I kept in mind the strategies we learned, such as "quickly proving our point" as well as using "SAT" words. I will definitely refer the class to my peers. Thank you for all the help!"


CapEd Educational Group

121-M Reynolda Village

Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 721-4275


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