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Welcome to CapEd Educational Group

114 S Reynolda Village  Winston-Salem, NC 27106


CapEd Educational Group


The CapEd Educational Group has operated since 1991 actively assisting students in developing academic and social skills to succeed in school.  Relationships are established with families to find ways to help students of all calibers succeed and achieve their personal goals from elementary school through college.

What We Do

CapEd Educational Group integrates current curriculum, remediation and enrichment emphasizing input from all caregivers to help students learn how to help themselves.

  • Work directly with student’s school, teachers and guidance counselors throughout program
  • Consultations with students psychologist, guidance counselors and parents are instrumental in creating programs designed and tailored to suit individual needs. Flexibility is key to adjust to individuals student’s learning styles and needs
  • School curriculum is framework.  We insist on using students’ class materials as program backbone (framework) with supplemental materials and instruction used to better understand subject matter and preparation for exams
  • We reinforce study habits and focus on application of these skills to daily lessons
  • Time management is stressed for today’s multi-tasking students balancing athletics, extra-curricular events and academics
  • We accommodate their busy lives with flexible scheduling
  • We have worked with over 300 individuals and families
  • Demand for standardized exam preparation for SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT grew and Cap-Ed developed specialized programs to assist students understand what these academic events are, what they are testing, and how to navigate the 4-hour exams to capture as many points as possible
  • Cap-Ed seeks to develop our students Critical Reading, Critical Reasoning, and Critical Listening skills to create a foundation of understanding and learning

Basic Programs

Middle, High School & Adult

Subject Tutoring

  • Designed for the good student that has one class, often math or science, pulling their grade point average down
  • Courses in General math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, II, III, Geometry, Calculus, English, History, Foreign or Sciences
  • College course tutoring and paper writing instruction offered to students struggling with these often difficult requirements
  • Understanding “How” to learn the course material-time and homework management and understanding how to utilize the resources at their disposal

The Comprehensive Student

  • Programs designed for students struggling in multiple areas and/or subjects
  • This student typically struggles in multiple areas such as subject matter, poor test-taking skills, inadequate 
  • SAT Preparation Courses
      • preparation, or inefficient time and homework management skills and study habits
      • SAT Preparation courses are offered throughout the year to offer comprehensive and rigorous understanding of the SAT both for subject matter as well as a unique examination style (please reference our course calendar
      • Individual attention given to each student
      • Our approach and teaching style is active, not passive. The lessons are designed to engage the student to recognize, analyze, and answer test questions
      • Questions are chosen to reinforce skills learned in the classroom and bridge the gap between question styles (from class to SAT)

      SAT/ACT BootCamps

      The Bootcamp method is a full-day intensive review just prior to a SAT or ACT exam. It is used as a stand alone product or in conjunction with the ACT or SAT courses for maximum preparation and confidence

      • The workshop is offered right before the exam sitting and is designed to bring together all the major skills to be successful
      • For students taking the ACT or SAT Prep Course , the BootCamp is included at the end of the course and is used to summarize and focus the skills learned in the prior weeks before the exam
      • For students who have not taken a prep course or those repeating tests, this day will push them through verbal and math sections of the exam, highlighting the easiest and most direct methods of increasing overall test scores

      Other Offers

      Courses for Credit

      • Often students need an additional credit to graduate. Or often they may need a certain credit to provide entry to the school of their choice
      • We offer a wide variety of course choices. Our courses are fully accredited and accepted by school systems as well as college admissions

      High School Diploma

      • Students may earn an accredited High School Diploma
      • GED assistance and instruction for exam preparation
      • Self study programs with instruction at student’s pace allow for flexibility in scheduling
      • Expanded into multiple areas of subject tutoring and remediation in core subject areas of English, History, and Writing, to aid students through their high school coursework
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